Conducted by Ramzi Aburedwan, the Arab-Andalusian Orchestra is made up of artists from all over Anjou, of all ages, in an intergenerational and multicultural dynamic. They have a vast repertoire ranging from the Levant (Middle East) to Eastern Europe via Africa and Asia. It is above all the compositions of the members of the orchestra that gradually constitutes the repertoire. The themes addressed revolve around the Andalusian lyrical imagination, and are conveyed through courtly love, wine, and gardens. 

Arab-Andalusian music is the result of a crossbreeding of Arab music from the East, Afro-Berber music from the Maghreb and music from the Iberian Peninsula. It is said to be born in the 9th century when Ziryâb, a freed slave, had to flee Baghdad to escape the jealousy of his master, a great musician at the court of the Caliph. This jealousy, caused by the enthusiasm that the Caliph had expressed towards Zyriâb, pushed the latter to take refuge in Cordoba in 822.
Andalusia, land where civilizations meet, will see the birth within it of a musical art that will radiate beyond the Iberian and Maghreb borders for more than eight centuries.

In the 9th century Ziryab introduced oriental songs of ancient Greco-Persian origin in Spain. The Arabs were indeed the first to discover Greek musical theories, to assimilate them and to enrich them.
Arab-Andalusian music influenced medieval Europe, especially by popularizing the most typical poetic form of Andalusian poets, the zéjel. The christian Europe then saw a parade of troubadours who, traveling from one country to another, were very familiar with Arab-Andalusian music as well as the use of its instruments, and among them, the lute.

Artistic direction: Ramzi Aburedwan


Ramzi Aburedwan : bouzouk, Fayçal El Mezouar : violin, Mohamed Semlali : violin, Sarah Colomb : violin, Ashraf Dabbah : oud, Omar Bendali : mandole, Rabie Ressad : mandole, Céline Dagher : qanoun, Fabien Panloup : accordion, Akka Abbassi : percussions, Bachir Rouimi : percussions, Nawras Ibrahim : doublebass

Soloists and choir

Fahela Baghdad, Najate Touchet, Rania Boujahma, Hala Al Qoussi, Selma Laghrour, Thérèse Azar, Chaïma Nadir, Kinda Hamzeh, Monique Cornuaille, Noémie Piron, Nassera Ourabah, Saïd Berrhou, Zein Chaabane, Yacine Laghrour

Concert in Angers


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