Natouf project

I wish to pay tribute to my ancestors: the Natufians.

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La pièce de théâtre Taha

Taha est une pièce pour un acteur, écrite et jouée pour la première fois par Amer Hlehel au théâtre Al-Midane d’Haïfa le 7 mai 2014. Elle s’inspire de la vie du poète palestinien Taha Muhammad Ali, symbole d’une Palestine perdue et reconquise par les mots. Taha est un poète. Il est seul sur scène. Fort de son expérience, il raconte son parcours, à la fois si singulier et si universel : celui d’un homme qui a dû quitter son pays, qui a éprouvé la perte, et qui pourtant tient debout.

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"Children of the Stone" by Sandy Tolan

Children of the Stone, the power of music in a hard land

It is an unlikely story.  Ramzi Hussein Aburedwan, a child from a Palestinian refugee camp, confronts an occupying army, gets an education, masters an instrument, dreams of something much bigger than himself, and then, through his charisma and persistence, inspires scores of others to work with him to make that dream real. The dream: a school to transform the lives of thousands of children—as Ramzi’s life was transformed—through music.

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"Ma valise est mon pays", tribute to Mahmoud Darwich - February 2020

"Ma valise est mon pays", tribute to Mahmoud Darwich - February 2020

An ode to freedom, the words of poet Mahmoud Darwich resound with fervent brilliance in My homeland is a suitcase, a monumental concert and performance orchestrated by illustrious Palestinian musician Ramzi Aburedwan.

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Tribute to the great Divas

This creation is a celebration of the great Arabic songstresses of the 20th century and a tribute to Oum Kalsoum, Fairouz, Asmahan, Leila Murad, Mayada Alhenawy, Warda al-Djazaira. From the 1940's, the woman in Arabic song represented the dream of absolute love. They also embodied an Arab world that aspired to a new boom of renaissance and modernity, an image that came to life with Arabic cinema’s musical comedy.

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Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, Morocco

The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music and its Forum set up in 1994 and 2001 respectively, takes place within the scholarly, artistic and spiritual tradition of the city of Fez. Ever since its inception, this event has witnessed growing success. In 2001, the United Nation has declared the festival as one of the most outstanding events that is contributing to the dialogue of civilizations.

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Al Kamandjâti Festival, Palestine

Ramzi Aburedwan is the founder and artistic director of the annual Palestinian Musical Journey Festival for Spiritual and Traditional Music produced by Al Kamandjâti starting in 2016. The festival offers high quality performances, lectures, photo exhibitions, workshops and guided tours in Palestine, with a focus on heritage sites.

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