The Silk Road Creation - Bethlehem, Palestine, April 2018  

Part of the orchestral arrangements: Ramzi Aburedwan

Texts: Alain Weber

Musical based on the great traveler Marco Polo described in his Book of the Marvels of the World (1298-1299), co-written with the 13th century fiction writer Rustichello of Pisa.

Following Marco Polo’s travels, the show is a musical travelogue into the magic of a mythical Orient as experienced by the great traveler.

From the precious stones of ancient palaces–like the one of the Chinese emperor Kubilai Khan where the Venetian merchant lived—to the arid steppes of Kazakhstan, we follow sites along the silk road. The musical invites us to discover traditional musics and dances whose performances date back to the 13th and 14th centuries, across the expanses of the geographical space that Marco Polo crossed. Chinese classical music, epic Kazakh songs, Indian Mughal kathak dance, as well as the soulful Armenian duduk take us through the musical riches of Central Asia and its nomadic heritage. Between the opulence of the Venetian palaces and the imperial court of the great Kubilai Khan there lay a vast geography of seas, oceans, mountains, steppes and deserts and a multitude of peoples whose traditions and customs are a testament to the richness and diversity of human experience, well before trade and globalization standardized our planet. This cultural travelogue is inspired by the musics, dances and instruments that have gathered communities across time and space for centuries. It follows the esoteric trips of the Venetian traveler while intertwining the cultures he encountered along the Silk Road.

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