Tribute to the Great Divas - Philharmonie of Paris, France - 13 May 2018

Artistic direction, conducting and orchestra arrangements: Ramzi Aburedwan.

A celebration of the great Arabic songstresses of the 20th century and a tribute to Oum Kalsoum, Fairouz, Asmahan, Leila Murad, Mayada Alhenawy, Warda al-Djazaira. From the 1940's, the woman in Arabic song represented the dream of absolute love. They also embodied an Arab world that aspired to a new boom of renaissance and modernity, an image that came to life with Arabic cinema’s musical comedy.

This show, interpreted by three heirs of these divas of yesteryear and accompanied by a special orchestra, revives some of the exquisite songs immortalized via movie screens and radio, to the point of constituting a common breeding ground that stretches from Egypt to Syria and the Maghreb.

Program Notes (French)

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