Fes Festival of World Sacred Music - 22 June 2018

Ramzi Aburedwan: musical direction, composition and arrangements for "Ancestral Knowledge" - the festival's opening performance.

The performance explores aspects of Arab-Islamic traditions, and the ways in which handicraft and its know-how, originally linked to a divine or prophetic revelation, render evident the desire to integrate craft to wisdom and to a practical and daily spirituality. The craftsman models and works on the material in the same way as the divine intellect configures the Soul in order to produce the cosmos, using shapes and colors. Therefore, the craftsman’s gesture is like a fragment of the universal action of the Soul. This performance explores the poetic and musical side of the privileged relationship prevailing in the City of Fes between architecture, handicraft, spiritual brotherhoods. The musical exploration is nurtured by the writings of the great Arab philosophers, both ancient and modern, and inspired by Greek philosophy, particularly that of Aristotle.

The creator of the show is Alain Weber, artistic director of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music.